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Tuesday, June 16
OctSqueeze: Octree-Structured Entropy Model for LiDAR Compression
12:00/00:00 PDT -- Lila Huang, Shenlong Wang, Kelvin Wong, Jerry Liu, Raquel Urtasun
Thursday, June 18
LiDARsim: Realistic LiDAR Simulation by Leveraging the Real World
11:00/23:00 PDT -- Sivabalan Manivasagam, Shenlong Wang, Kelvin Wong, Wenyuan Zeng, Mikita Sazanovich, Shuhan Tan, Bin Yang, Wei-Chiu Ma, Raquel Urtasun


Wednesday, June 17
PolyTransform: Deep Polygon Transformer for Instance Segmentation
16:00/04:00 PDT -- Justin Liang, Namdar Homayounfar, Wei-Chiu Ma, Yuwen Xiong, Rui Hu, Raquel Urtasun
Thursday, June 18
Physically Realizable Adversarial Examples for LiDAR Object Detection
17:00/03:00 PDT -- James Tu, Mengye Ren, Sivabalan Manivasagam, Ming Liang, Bin Yang, Richard Du, Frank Cheng, Raquel Urtasun
Thursday, June 18
PnPNet: End-to-End Perception and Prediction with Tracking in the Loop
11:00/23:00 PDT -- Ming Liang*, Bin Yang*, Wenyuan Zeng, Yun Chen, Rui Hu, Sergio Casas, Raquel Urtasun
Thursday, June 18
HCNAF: Hyper-Conditioned Neural Autoregressive Flow and its Application for Probabilistic Occupancy Map Forecasting
17:00/03:00 PDT -- Geunseob Oh, Jean-Sebastien Valois

Workshops & Tutorials

Sunday, June 14
DynaVis: The 2nd International Workshop on Dynamic Scene Reconstruction
08:30-12:15/20:30-00:45 PDT -- Keynote: Raquel Urtasun
Sunday, June 14
All You Need to Know About Self-Driving
08:45-17:00 PDT -- Organizers/Speakers: Raquel Urtasun, Ersin Yumer
Sunday, June 14
Women in Computer Vision (WiCV)
13:00-19:00 PDT -- Mentors: Raquel Urtasun, Ersin Yumer
Sunday & Monday, June 14-15
Embodied AI Workshop
08:00-19:00 PDT -- Keynote: Raquel Urtasun
Monday, June 15
Joint workshop on Long Term Visual Localization, Visual Odometry and Geometric and Learning-based SLAM
07:00-18:00 PDT -- Keynote: Raquel Urtasun
Monday, June 15
Scalability in Autonomous Driving
09:00-17:20 PDT -- Raquel Urtasun
Friday, June 19
Large Scale Holistic Video Understanding
08:55-18:00 PDT -- Keynote: Raquel Urtasun
Friday, June 19
Vision Meets Mapping (VMM2)
09:00-13:00 PDT -- Keynote: Raquel Urtasun
Friday, June 19
Workshop on Autonomous Driving
09:00-11:30/21:00-23:30 PDT -- Keynote: Raquel Urtasun
Friday, June 19
Precognition: Seeing Through the Future
14:00-17:00 PDT -- Keynote: Raquel Urtasun; Organizer: Nemanja Djuric
Friday, June 19 / Saturday, June 20
5th Workshop on Benchmarking Multi-Target Tracking: Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation
13:30-18:00/01:30-06:00 PDT -- Keynote: Raquel Urtasun

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Uber ATG Chief Scientist Raquel Urtasun talks about what it means to develop self-driving technology at scale at Uber and how ATG is bringing this vision to life, followed by a video introducing Uber ATG's latest self-driving vehicle.

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