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Our Team

We’re a collective of strategists, craftsmen and creatives united by a common drive to connect people and brands through memorable experiences.

  • Chief Executive Officer
    Brad Hogan
    Handcrafted all his family room furniture
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Chris Jensen
    Loves really loud guitars
  • Chief Creative Officer
    Chris Fredericksen
    Distant relative of both the Hatfields AND the McCoys
  • Chief People Officer
    Meg Bilanzich
    Has a hat problem
  • President | Portland
    Francis Rochon
    Got his pilot's license at 17
  • President | San Francisco
    Warren Lopez
    Father of twins
  • President | Los Angeles
    Russell Hoverson
    Can solve anything with a whiteboard sketch
  • President | Chicago
    Eric Gavin
    Inspired by the (ɯᴉ)possible
  • President | Raleigh-Durham
    Jake Merzigian
    Jeep Life Enthusiast
  • Vice President of Client Services
    Tiziana Zanetti
    Can recite the 10 botanicals of Bombay
  • Creative Director
    Adam Carnes
    Living in Mexico City, learning Spanish
  • Marketing Manager
    Brittany Hogan
    Amateur adventure biker
  • Jr. Production Artist
    Mimi Nguyen
    Plays the ukulele
  • Detailer
    Kaden Wilson
    Makes camping gear in his free time
  • Senior Account Manager
    Kayla Long
    Has driven across the country three times
  • Senior Experiential Designer
    Jeff Petersen
    Prefers hobbies that require a helmet
  • Project Manager
    Kevin Bennett
    Can eat an alarming amount of pizza
  • Senior Account Director
    Janene Argendeli
    Skiing and cycling are her passions
  • Director of Strategy and Growth
    Tom Maher
    Tying flies and chasing fins
  • Director of Operations
    Matthew Hylkema
    Bikes with motors make me happy