Recognizing the engagement challenge inherent in webinar-style events, DigitalEXP approaches virtual experiences through strategic design and storytelling, complemented by full event production services. Whether hybrid or virtual, DigitalEXP delivers high impact Product Showcases, Briefing Programs, Trade Shows, Sales Enablement, and Sales Kickoffs.

Key Features

DigitalEXP has all the features and integrations you’ll need to tell your story and engage your audience. Build connections through real-time chat and video plus attendee matchmaking and networking opportunities. Leverage both live and on-demand content. Enable content downloads, meeting scheduling, in-experience point of sale and notifications.

Immersive photo-real or rendered environment
Seamless experience across devices
Live streamed & on demand content
XR stage presentation production
Guided tour options
Real-time interaction
Experience in AR & VR
In-experience text & video chat
Attendee matchmaking & networking
In-experience point of sale
Social media integrations
Content downloads
Meeting scheduling
Native software integrations
CRM integrations
Lead tracking
Robust analytics


Attendees are immersed in the event and empowered to engage, their way. Giving attendees the freedom to explore transforms attendance into real conversation. Our audience engagement tools are tailored for each brand experience and include options to reach brand representatives, connect with attendees, and share on their own networks, all in the moment.


From traffic heat maps to our user demographics and behavior data, you’ll know who your guests are and how they’re experiencing your event. Real-time analytics track activity of each guest at every touchpoint, allowing for on-the-fly optimization. We analyze and leverage insights to drive continuous improvement.

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