Need a portable, modular experiential environment? Brand Blocks are your answer. These customizable, pre-fabricated blocks can be outfitted, shipped and installed for both indoor and outdoor events. We design, outfit and configure the blocks to create unique brand spaces like two-story VIP suites, festival activations, retail pop-up shops, mobile gaming tours and more.

Fast Facts

BrandBlocks are pre-fabricated and ready to be deployed for your next event. We’ve custom-designed and expertly crafted these modular blocks to be event-ready, no matter what your timeline.

Customizable, brandable blocks
Deploy for both indoor and outdoor events including: festivals, pop-up shops, trade shows, mobile tours, product launches and more
Double stack and configure blocks in a variety of ways
Custom outfitting done in our shops before ship date for fast install on site
Easy to transport
Steel construction, white exterior and ceilings
Full-sized Brand Blocks: 40' long X 8' wide X 9' tall
Half-sized Brand Blocks: 24' long X 8' wide X 9' tall
Basic flooring, lighting, electrical and fire suppression included
Breezeways, staircases, hand railings & ADA elevators available

Environmentally Responsible

Brand Blocks are a sustainable option for your next event. Brand Blocks are 100% Recyclable and Reusable. Deploying Brand Blocks for our clients has kept over 200,000 cubic feet of waste out of landfill each year (that’s roughly the amount of trash 1,000 people make in a year).