Westlake Royal Building Products


Westlake Royal Building Products wanted to share their brand story in an epic exhibit. Drawing inspiration from the way multiple districts can combine into a single, beautiful city, the space we created for Westlake—and the largest booth at IBS—cohesively celebrated their consolidated power while honoring the unique integrity of their many brands. Our design featured four districts (Outdoor Living, Siding and Trim, Roofing, and Stone) with avenues that allowed traffic to flow freely between each district. An iconic 38’ x 24’ monument fit with ten ultra-high-definition displays stood in the center of the booths, celebrating Westlake’s combined and “boundless” brand power. The exhibit showcased over 20 brands and nearly 1,000 different product types, and guests truly experienced the infinite potential and expertise of Westlake’s complete home solutions.

Project Credits |
Ian Whitmore